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This publication is dedicated to Mojo who inspires us all every day with her courage, humor, and complete devotion to "the Sarge."

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The publisher wishes to thank the following people: Thompson Girl and Pywacket. And also the authors: Mojo, CCK, KT, White Queen, Mel, Doc II, Ricochet, K-Ration, Alice A, Miss Maquis, Thompson Girl, Ranger, DocB, CP, RDR and CP, not to mention all the crazy members of CombatfanficOT. Without their efforts, this publication would not have been possible.


Table of Contents

Sarge Looks Good in Scrubs by Mojo

Dark Past by CCK

Happy Birthday, Mojo! By KT

Summer Fling by White Queen

Changing of the Guard by Mel

Sarge in Wheatfield by Mojo

The City of Lights by Doc II

Action Figure Indeed by CCK

Mission: Mojo Entry by CCK

Trouble in the OT by the OT List

Combat!/Witch World Crossover by Alice A

Mission: Mojo Entry by KT

Saunders Comes Clean by Mojo

Mission Mojo Entry by Ricochet

Mission: Mojo Entry by Miss Maquis

Sunny Side Up by Thompson Girl

Mission: Mojo Entry by DocB

Weapon of Choice by Ranger

Can you Believe they Fell For That? By CP

My War, My Rules by RDR

Back to the War by Christiannana1

Mission: Mojo Entry2 by Richochet


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