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Welcome to COMBAT! Journals! COMBAT! ran from 1962 through 1967 and was television's longest running WWII drama. Vic Morrow as Sergeant Saunders and Rick Jason as Lieutenant Hanley brought 1st Squad into the living rooms of millions of American viewers. Countless kids spent their free time reenacting the adventures of their heroes in backyards and backwoods across the country. Today, many of those same kids just can't let the show die and continue the adventures in fanfiction stories and songvids.

Since 2006, COMBAT! Journals has published a print zine. Past issues can be found on this site. If you are interested in print versions of past zines, or if you desire the latest issue, please contact the publisher at

Looking to enlist? Ramble on over to Yahoo Groups and look for Combatfanfic. We currently have over 130 members and love to meet new readers and writers. Our writers run the gamut from never-wrote-a-story-in-my-life to professional-and-published. We all share the same love of COMBAT! and the men of 1st Squad, and everyone gets to play.

Questions? Contact Doc at

Want a zine? Contact the publisher at

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